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Odoo ERP is a suite of business management software that covers almost every aspect of the business, while also being at affordable price and easy to use at the same time. What separates Odoo ERP from the other ERP providers is its modular software architecture. While the other ERP systems are also considered as modular, they require a set number of modules to be integrated in order the system to function properly. On the other hand Odoo will function perfectly well whether operating a single module or the full ERP suite of modules.

Odoo has many applications covering a vast array of business functions, such as Finance & Accounting, Customer Relationship Management, Supply Chain Management, Projects & Services, Inventory & Manufacturing, Human Resources, eCommerce, Website, etc. You can improve the security of your system by setting permissions so the employees only have access to the sections relevant to them. Let’s now take a look at the different modules that the Odoo platform offers for your business operations one by one.


Financial management is at the core of every business. Odoo’s financial and accounting modules enable users to handle invoicing, manage accounts, and generate financial reports with ease. It supports multi-currency transactions and provides essential financial reports.


Odoo Documents allows you to manage files online from a single place: no more scanning contracts, manual bill recording, or long approval processes. All documents are categorized per workspace. By assigning tags, you will never lose track of them again. It’s time to clear your mind and your desktop.


Odoo Sign allows you to send, sign, and approve documents online. Swiftly send signature requests and reminders to recipients, and keep an eye on the progress of your contracts. Your clients can access and review documents on any device and sign them electronically with just a few clicks.


The app allows users to create their own customized view of data, but the customization is only visible to each user and can only be viewed within the “Dashboard” app.


When the Expenses app is installed, a set of pre-loaded expense categories are available so you can start creating expense records right away.


Odoo Spreadsheets automatically incorporate your data into charts and spreadsheets, keeping your information up-to-date. The data is sorted into customizable categories and translated into visual representations for easy comprehension and informed decision-making.


For procurement and vendor management, the Purchase module is indispensable. The purchase Odoo module streamlines purchase orders, supplier communication, and receipt of goods.


Efficient inventory management is crucial for many businesses. These modules offer features for tracking stock levels, handling product variants, and optimizing warehouse operations.


Manufacturers can benefit from modules that provide features for Production planning and Production orders, Bill of Materials (BOM), Work center management, and Quality control.


Odoo Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) is a collaborative version control app for improving bills of materials before, during, and after production. With Odoo PLM, you can work on several versions of the same BoM in parallel and apply only the differences to manage multiple changes.


Odoo Quality is the best way to address the root causes of costly defects and ensure quality across the entire product life cycle. Maintain product consistency and quality by configuring recurring quality checks on manufacturing and inventory orders. Create quality alerts to address product defects, specify root causes, and suggest corrective and preventive actions.


Odoo computes standard statistics to help you plan preventive maintenance, including mean time between failure (MTBF), mean time to repair (MTTR), and expected next failure date, and lets you automate metrology and preventive maintenance scheduling. The manufacturing department can trigger maintenance requests directly from their work center control panel. When your maintenance team acts, the right people will be updated in real time.


The Odoo Sales module is designed to manage the sales process, from lead generation to order fulfillment. It helps in tracking leads, opportunities, quotations, and sales orders. Create clean, professional, and interactive quotations instantly with Odoo’s powerful quotation builder.


Odoo Invoicing is the simplified billing process you have been dreaming of! Create professional invoices, customize them to your liking, and get paid faster than ever.


CRM is all about building and nurturing customer relationships. The Odoo CRM module aids in lead tracking, customer interactions, and managing sales pipelines.


Odoo’s Rental application is the simple way to oversee every step of the rental process. Manage products, schedule pickups, and sign documents all from one platform. Customers can shop available products, reserve dates, and checkout right on the website.

Point of Sale

The POS module of Odoo ERP turns any device into a point-of-sale terminal, facilitating retail businesses in processing sales transactions.


Concentrate on services and relationships while Odoo’s automated features handle your recurring sales and subscriptions. Quickly provide clear contracts and invoices; take care of taxes and deal with payments – all done automatically according to your settings.


Odoo Surveys allows you to create beautiful and clear surveys, share and collect data, analyze answers and benefit from the results to strengthen your strategy and improve your business’ performance!. One platform to manage it all: automate appraisals, satisfaction surveys, marketing campaigns, feedback forms, etc.


An all-in-one event management platform, capable of handling events of any type or scale. Odoo Events covers all aspects of an Event Planner’s job from event organization and ticket sales to visibility and promotion. Add sponsors to your events and publish them in order based on the level of sponsorship. Sell sponsorship packages online through Odoo eCommerce.

Marketing Automation

The Marketing module is designed to enhance sales and automate marketing campaigns, helping businesses manage leads, supports email campaigns, lead nurturing, and automation, enhancing customer engagement, and analyze sales performance.

Social marketing

Being present on Social Media increases awareness, connects you with your customers, boosts leads, and income. It can also provide customer support and help broadcast important company news and messages. Leave comments, interact with posts, or directly engage with followers, without juggling dozens of disconnected applications.

Email Marketing

Odoo Email Marketing helps anyone create professional emails in seconds, and delivers them to the right audience – just in time! Craft successful email campaigns that resonate with your prospects without any IT knowledge. Get total control over your email content and layout thanks to an intuitive and easy-to-use software.

SMS marketing

Odoo handles the SMS campaigns and sending for you, which means that you don’t have to be connected for your campaign to be spread out to the world! The credits can be purchased directly from within the app, starting from 0.01€/SMS.


Project managers can efficiently track tasks, manage project timelines, and collaborate with team members using these modules. Project updates are generated in real-time and give a detailed overview of profitability, milestones, resources, and tasks. Decide what parts of your project stakeholders can view and edit. Manage all your communication on one simple interface.


Odoo Timesheets allows your team to track and validate billable hours, approve time spent on tasks, and simplify invoicing your services. Get an overview of your billable time by team member, project, task, and billing type.

Field service

Odoo Field service organize your team’s agenda, manage onsite work, and enjoy the simplicity of integrated timesheets and invoices. Get an intuitive overview with Kanban cards, manage your team’s tasks in Gantt view, or organize appointments by location using the map.


Odoo Helpdesk – the ticketing platform that supports your team, so they can support your customers. Organize your tickets the way you want with the amazing kanban view. Get an instant overview of your team’s workload and check the status of a ticket based on your custom tailored SLA rules.


Odoo Planning simplifies your scheduling and boosts productivity. Seamlessly manage shifts and resources, and empower your employees for efficient coordination. Templates, auto-planning, and recurrent tasks simplify your agenda management.


Set your schedule, create opportunities, add questions, and send customized messages. Send invitations with availability for customers to schedule appointments quick and easy with Odoo Appointments. Optimize your resources based on time demand and be there when your customers need you most.


Employee management modules streamline HR processes, including employee records, timesheets, leave management, and attendance tracking.


Odoo Referral empower growing your business by hiring qualified candidates recommended by outstanding employees.


Odoo’s Appraisal strengthen your company’s key asset – employees and makes it easy to provide them with a feedback on a regular basis, and let them speak their mind in return.


Odoo Recruitment streamlines your entire recruiting process, so you can find the best people for your team, quickly and easily. Resumes, cover letters, and any other documents are attached to the applicant’s card, and organized in the Documents app.

Time Off

From allocation to request to approval, make every step of the time off process easy and transparent with Odoo’s Time Off application.


Manage everything through our user-friendly administrative system – fuel log entries, contracts, repairs, costs, drivers and many other features necessary for the management of your company’s vehicles.


The website module of Odoo ERP allows businesses to create and manage their websites through Odoo. It’s a handy tool for e-commerce and content management.


For businesses with an online presence, the eCommerce module provides tools to create and manage websites, handle online sales, product catalogs, shopping carts, and engage with customers.


Odoo Knowledge lets you centralize all your organization’s important information, work on it as a team, and access it from any Odoo app. You can choose who gets to see and manage your content and even share the page with the world.


Odoo’s Discuss module is a built-in messaging tool that enables real-time communication among users within the system.


Odoo eLearning is an easy-to-use Learning Management System for learners and trainers. Upload any content, assess students progress, and keep their interest peaked at all times. Assessments and certifications empower students by providing valuable feedback and validating their knowledge and skills.


Easily create the approval types that fit your needs with an intuitive configurator. Ask your employees for the information that you need before approving any request.


Odoo Blog is an optimal content management system to bring your ideas into the spotlight, engage your audience and build a community. Format and craft your text, insert media, structure your content, … everything is done frontend, easily.


Odoo Forum is the ideal way to create a community, foster collaboration and enhance support. Drive traffic and boost your brand’s visibility.

Live Chat

Odoo Live Chat is the perfect solution to provide efficient and real-time support to your website visitors, ensuring an outstanding customer support experience no matter who you are talking to. It empowers your team to engage with website visitors, address queries, and nurture leads in real time.

Internet of Things

Odoo IoT (Internet of Things) allows you to connect external devices to your Odoo database… such as digital calipers, micrometers, gauge feelers, height gages and more. Measurements are linked to the Products you are processing and you can continue or reject at each step.


Odoo VoIP integrates with apps like CRM, Sales, Helpdesk, Invoicing and more, so you can streamline your workflows and eliminate tedious, manual work for your team. With the Odoo VoIP widget, you have more options than just calling your contacts. You can send emails, schedule meetings, view their order information or internal team notes, and more!


With Odoo Studio you’re in control, no programming knowledge needed. Add fields with a simple drag and drop and customize every aspect of your documents from aesthetics to content. Fine-tune invoices, reshape MO overviews, and create new documents from scratch.

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